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Why you should choose our leveling casters

Quality product/original manufacture who set the high standards that the rest imitate.
Our centralized distribution center offers logistical benefits not found through other suppliers.
Our caster knowledge is second to none.
We have the inventory to supply your needs when you need it, at the price you expect.


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Leveling Casters

GD-40S Series
110 lb Capacity!

GD / GDN / GDR-60 Series
550 lb Capacity!

GD / GDN-80 Series
1100 lb Capacity!

GD-100 Series
1650 lb Capacity!

GD-120 Series
2200 lb Capacity!

GD-150 Series
3300 lb Capacity!

The GD, GDN, and GDR Series of leveling casters offered by by CA Kress Products, they are a solution to the age old problem of flexible movement combined with the ability of securely setting and braking a caster in a specific location. The leveling foot, once set in place, provides for stable, anti-vibration placement. Our leveling casters can easily move up to 6,600 Lbs over four casters. Greater weight requirements may require the use of more casters. Leveling casters are being used on work stations medical, computer, communication, printing, woodworking, automation and assembly equipment. They are typically found in all manufacturing environments, including clean room and laboratory facilities. 30% Restocking on all returns per MFG.






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